Wednesday Uniform


Full white uniform for boys and girls from KG – X on Wednesdays.

BOYS: White trousers/shorts and white with short sleeves with school monogram, white keds and white socks.
GIRLS: White pleated skirts, white short sleeve blouse with school monogram, white keds and white socks.

NB: 1. There is no white uniform for Plus two boys and girls on Wednesdays.
2. Nobilians who wish to wear mufflers, caps, scarves, headgears gloves etc. may be allowed to use in winter months provided they are maroon in colour.
3. Low waist pants and skirts are not allowed. Trousers should not be skin tight and should have two pleats on either side.
4. For Sikh students who wear turban it should be black in colour on regular days. In winter the turban should be of maroon colour.

SUPW, based on the Gandhian Philosophy of Basic Education, occupies a central place in the curriculum at all stages of school education, i.e. from Classes I to XII. It has been given the status of a full fledged subject. A pass in SUPW is essential for the awarding of the ICSE and ISC certificates. The assessment will be internal but a proper record of the student’s attitude is to be kept. The school has designed a set of programs for the successful implementation of the subject.

The classroom is not the only place where the children learn. The environment and society are also sources through which the children acquire attitudes and knowledge. Therefore, the parents are requested to involve themselves in making their children aware of their responsibilities in the home or to the persons in the area in which they live. They should be encouraged to render services in the home and to their neighbours. The services may take the form of helping parents in cleaning house, making the beds, polishing their shoes, assisting in the kitchen, helping with shopping, helping in the garden, visiting the sick, teaching children in the neighbourhood and so on. Kindly give your ward a specific job to do which will last between 20-30 minutes each day.