The Principal/Vice-Principal assisted by all the De Nobili teachers are responsible for the discipline in the school.

Discipline is needed for the smooth running of the school. Punctuality, neatness, uniformity of dress, courtesy, consideration for others and a co-operative spirit are insisted upon. We do encourage initiatives and positive expressions of creative work. Our aim is that self discipline should become part of every student’s way of life.

Discipline does not destroy freedom and autonomy. Freedom and responsibility, have to be learned slowly and freely accepted, in an atmosphere in which students exercise judgement and make free choices about matters appropriate to their age and level of understanding. Student’s mistakes are tolerated as part of the process of growing, but repeated misbehavior which destroys the spirit of the school and hinders other students from peacefully growing, is not tolerated, even if this causes pain to the parents of the unco-operative students.