Semester Examinations


There will be two semester examinations in a year. The examinations will be conducted at the end of each semester. Each subject will be marked out of 100, which will include the marks of the internal assessment. Totals and Ranking systems have been abolished. Instead, we have introduced Honours Cards according to the following criteria:

Distinction or honors card will be awarded to a student only if he/she attains a minimum of ‘B’ grade in Value education and other non-scholastic subjects including drawing and music.

Distinction : for those scoring 80% & above in all subjects.
1st Honours : for those scoring between 70% & 79% in all subjects.
2nd Honours : for those scoring between 60% & 69% in all subjects.

Answer scripts will not be kept beyond 30 days after the distribution of Report Cards, after each Semester Examination. Therefore, any parent wishing to see the answer scripts of his ward may do so within that period, in consultation with the subject teacher concerned.
When required, parents are notified of their child’s deficiency by a special printed slip which should be signed and returned.